Sunday, 23 August 2015

How To Do Right Angle Weave

If there is one thing that strikes terror into the depths of my soul, it is Right Angle Weave.  This video is a great help.

How Many Days Until.........

Christmas......  Well I have not actually counted but it is not far away.  I am madly getting stock up for 5 markets, a country fair and the Warburton Visitor Information Centre where I have a section in their Handmade area.
I am making Christmas angels, earrings - Christmas trees, angels and maybe snowmen, wine glass charms (pictured below but with Christmas charms on them) and Christmas spiders.  It takes such a lot of work to get enough stock ready.  I am also trying to find time to make up beaded draped covers for the baubles.  Life is hectic at the moment.  Helping our daughter and son in law move from a rental into their new home, volunteering at the Visitor Centre and beading.  Beading bracelets, necklaces etc has gone out the window for a bit.

Great Idea To Store Your Fireline

These are great to keep your Fireline neat and tidy.  As you can see I have put stickers on to identify the thickness.  Here in Australia they are available from BCF fishing stores.  I have identified mine with a wee charm because often I am with a group of beaders and there is a need to distinguish which one belongs to me.