Sunday, 11 August 2013

Attempt At A Bit Of Wirework.....

Each month some of the members of the Brisbane sector of The Beading Forum meet up to chat, eat and bead.  We pick a challenge every month.  This month was a wire project - Captured Heart Earrings - Bead & Button August 2013 - Page 24

My attempt is below. Not to be looked at too closely as I did have a wee bit of trouble remembering which way to wind my wire.  This is evident in the placement of beads around the main frame, however, as a first attempt at making them I was quite pleased. It has been modified slightly as the original has some bare wire loops in it but they were quite difficult to shape and very fiddly so I have added seed beads to hold the shape more easily. Although this project specifies Intermediate to Advanced level, I think you could probably give it a go with a limited knowledge of wireworking.  The main thing is not to kink your 28 gauge wrapping wire.  

Next month we will be back to stitching and I will be back in my comfort zone!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gone Mad on Fluro Bead Buying

What to do with them is the question.   This is what I decided on.  A bit fiddly joining everything together but it does feel nice on.

Simple Stuff....Heart on a Feather

Here is the first "Simple  Stuff" project.   I have listed the materials uses but you can always substitute your own component ideas.    Sorry the text is all over the place but Blogger seems to have a mind of it's own despite where I  have originally positioned everything!

Feather component
6 x Size 11 seed beads 
16 x size 15 seed beads
Chinese crystal silver backed heart
I earwire - I have used a lever back 

Fireline - 6 or 8 lb is best

1. Attach feather component to your earwire

2. Thread heart from the bottom. leave a 4" (10cm) tail. Pick up 4 x 15's, pass through the earwire in front of the feather, pick up 4 x 15's and go back down through the heart. Make sure you tail is still in place and pull snugly.

3. Pick up 3 x 11's and go back up through the heart to form a 3 bead picot at the base. *Go back through 4 x 15's, earwire, 4 x 15's, down through the heart, the 3 picot beads and back up through the heart*. You can repeat from * to * if you wish to strengthen further. Do a couple of half hitch knots and cut thread. Secure the tail by going around your picot a couple of times, do a couple of half hitch knots and cut thread.

4.  Voila...  Ces't finis.  It is finished.  Repeat for second earring.

Hanging My Head.....

Yep, hanging my head in shame.   I have not been back to my block since September 2012.  Life took  over with work, providing stock for The Collective Store, planning for an overseas trip and just general day to day living which just happens to also involve renovating our house.  Why oh why can't I just bead!!!!

We were away for 9 weeks traveling in Europe.  What a wonderful time we had.  So many fabulous sites with one being the Swarovski factory in Wattens, Austria.  Well, not actually the factory unfortunately but their beautiful display close by.  

Imagine those beautiful beads in this setting.  Perfect place to be made don't you think.

Anyway I am back now and I promise to be more diligent with my blog.  I am going to put a few free tutorials under the heading of Simple Stuff.  Mainly for those of you that may just be starting down the wonderful path of beading.  I plan to start with "Heart on a Feather" so look out for that.  As I said nothing intricate, just putting a few components together.  Make sure you leave a comment.  I am always open to hearing what you think and that includes good or bad.  How else can I improve if I don't know what you think.   Happy beading everyone.....