Sunday, 4 August 2013

Simple Stuff....Heart on a Feather

Here is the first "Simple  Stuff" project.   I have listed the materials uses but you can always substitute your own component ideas.    Sorry the text is all over the place but Blogger seems to have a mind of it's own despite where I  have originally positioned everything!

Feather component
6 x Size 11 seed beads 
16 x size 15 seed beads
Chinese crystal silver backed heart
I earwire - I have used a lever back 

Fireline - 6 or 8 lb is best

1. Attach feather component to your earwire

2. Thread heart from the bottom. leave a 4" (10cm) tail. Pick up 4 x 15's, pass through the earwire in front of the feather, pick up 4 x 15's and go back down through the heart. Make sure you tail is still in place and pull snugly.

3. Pick up 3 x 11's and go back up through the heart to form a 3 bead picot at the base. *Go back through 4 x 15's, earwire, 4 x 15's, down through the heart, the 3 picot beads and back up through the heart*. You can repeat from * to * if you wish to strengthen further. Do a couple of half hitch knots and cut thread. Secure the tail by going around your picot a couple of times, do a couple of half hitch knots and cut thread.

4.  Voila...  Ces't finis.  It is finished.  Repeat for second earring.

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