Sunday, 11 August 2013

Attempt At A Bit Of Wirework.....

Each month some of the members of the Brisbane sector of The Beading Forum meet up to chat, eat and bead.  We pick a challenge every month.  This month was a wire project - Captured Heart Earrings - Bead & Button August 2013 - Page 24

My attempt is below. Not to be looked at too closely as I did have a wee bit of trouble remembering which way to wind my wire.  This is evident in the placement of beads around the main frame, however, as a first attempt at making them I was quite pleased. It has been modified slightly as the original has some bare wire loops in it but they were quite difficult to shape and very fiddly so I have added seed beads to hold the shape more easily. Although this project specifies Intermediate to Advanced level, I think you could probably give it a go with a limited knowledge of wireworking.  The main thing is not to kink your 28 gauge wrapping wire.  

Next month we will be back to stitching and I will be back in my comfort zone!

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