Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tree Change........

Well my friends I am finally returning to my blog.  Yes, it has been ages despite promising I would keep at it a long time ago.

I have now retired from work and we have made a true tree change.  In February this year, 2015, we sold our home in Brisbane and moved to a small village in Victoria, 72 kms outside of Melbourne.  Warburton is a very "arty" community and I hope it inspires me to create my own designs and hopefully pass my knowledge onto others.

The home we purchased has a separate construction on the property which we hope to turn into a studio.  The views of the mountain are wonderful and I just have to be disciplined enough to stop myself gazing out of the window instead of working.  The house and studio are nothing fancy but the setting is beautiful.  We have birdsong instead of traffic which is a bonus.

I originally started this blog for beading but know I have more time on my hands I would like to open it up for other creative ideas such as cooking and general crafty things.  I hope you will indulge me dear reader.

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