Thursday, 21 May 2015

To Market To Market......

That is the question.  Now that I have retired I need to get organised and perhaps return to the domain of the market.   In the past it has been very difficult to sell at markets.  Once a great experience but sadly replaced by the market organisers admitting stalls with cheap products.  It is almost impossible to compete with a stallholder selling a necklace or bracelet for $5 or $10 when yours  are sometimes 3 or 4 times that amount.  A number of shoppers cannot see the value in something handmade which is a shame.    Needs must however and for me markets will be featuring in my future.  In Warburton we have the Warburton Artisan Market.  It is undercover which is a big bonus in this area where winter comes in with a vengeance.  

I have sold here once since moving to the town.  Not a great success but I did sell a couple of items and the stalls are very, very reasonable at $15.  It's warm and friendly and everything MUST be made by the stallholder.  I am returning in June to have another go and, whilst jewellery is my preferred stock,  I realise I need something to catch the window or should I say stall shopper.   With this in mind I am going to bead up some lovely spiders, dancing fairies, bookmarks and spiral wine glass charms.  These can be sold cheaply and hopeful capture that shopper with just a few dollars to spend.  Here is sample of the spiders....
I apologise for the quality of the pic.  Very hard to take this one.

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