Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What Do You Do......

when you are confined to the house.  Hurt my back and have been pacing the house, up and down the hallway and standing up most of the time.  Did you know you can bead standing?  Oh yes indeed.  I was sooooooooooo bored I had to do something!  The bracelet in the front is Elegant Noir.   I have always wanted to use these sliders and finally came up with something I liked.  I have also made earrings to match.  The tutorial will be available soon.  The middle bracelet is from  I had these sliders already waiting.  The third is my own design.  Once again, ages ago, I bought some bead frames thinking they would be perfect for something.  Well the something came to mind yesterday and turned into this bracelet.  I'm sorry my pics are not the best at the moment.  Having to use my mobile phone to take them but it gives you an idea of what I have been up to.

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