Friday, 26 February 2016

A Few More

I have been having a lot of fun with some wee metal houses.  The template is available on Altered Alchemy and as usual my first reaction was "I can't do that!" but with encouragement I did.  I find I am a bit of a wuss sometimes and just need to have some belief in myself.  The wee houses are not hard to do at all and I have plans to do a lot more.  I want to scale them down and make some brooches.  My next challenge is to see if I can do some cold connecting and rivet the brooch pin onto the back.  There is always the option to glue but I am not sure that would be strong enough with continual use.
I am loving the use of eyeballs at the moment.  Bit macabre I suppose but interesting just the same.  I am also playing with up cycling old tins.  This not only saves money but you can find some gorgeous designs on them.  It is great fun to scower the op shops (Thrift shop for some) and find old tins and wee objects that could be incorporated into a piece.  The hardware store is another source.  Hunt out screws, washers and even little handles or hinges.  Of course if you can lay your hands on some old rusty ones, even better.
I am a novice in the medium but plan to practise as much as I can.

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