Saturday, 28 January 2012

Out Of My Comfort Zone....

Rainy and wet, what else do you do but bead.  I set myself a challenge and decided I would give a wirework project a go.   I mean, after all, I did have a buying frenzy a while back and now find myself with wire, hammers, cutters and an anvil so why not.  
Having been advised of a simple tutorial - "3 Bead Hammered Ring" by Natalie Pierce I looked at my stash and decided I could manage it.  Armed with all the "doings" I sat down to create.  As recommended by Natalie, I have used 14 and 22 gauge wire, 6 mm and 4 mm beads.
The first one I tried was a bit rough. Mainly due to the fact I couldn't find the nice new shiny hammer I had purchased a while back and had to use my husband's old work hammer.  It left a few marks and didn't look nice and smooth.  Mind you it was kind of rustic looking.
The next one was better.   Having seen my plight, my husband kindly found me a smaller hammer and ground it down until it was as smooth as glass.  This time there were no hammer marks and the beader's grin was plastered across my face.  Well wasn't I just the bees knees!!  Acting like the professional wireworker, I wielded the hammer with confidence making a third ring.

Sometimes I think we hold back from trying new things, telling ourselves we are not up to it.  If the truth be known my rings are probably pretty basic but it did give me the confidence to consider trying something else.  And that is what it is all about isn't it?

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  1. Great work Lavinia :) can't wait to see them in real life :)