Friday, 10 February 2012


I am going to step into unchartered waters here.  I have decided I really need to use some of the bits and pieces I have collected over time.  I bought some great stones to use as cabochons and they were still sitting in the bag I bought them in.  Always seems a bit more daunting than picking up those little seed beads to make something.  Out came my book "Beading With Cabochons" by Jamie Cloud Eakin
I bought it ages ago thinking I would give it a go but so far nothing has eventuated.
Well I am fired up now.  I hunted out some backing material and tipped out the stones to drool over once more.  I selected a couple of buttons I had purchased when last in Melbourne and proceeded to trace around them on a piece of paper.  I was too scared to cut a shape out of the material and thought if I did it on paper I could get a bit of an idea on the actual design.  Being brave I traced onto the backing and then stuck the stones and buttons on.
Here is a pic so far.  Stay tuned for the next stage.  Knowing me it could be weeks before I get up the nerve to actually start beading around them!!!

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