Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Part Two : Being Brave

Part Two :  Being Brave…..

I decided to get out of the market scene.  No more struggling to set up that canopy and, even though my husband had helped me,  it had been a chore each week.  No more sitting there alone all day long through rain or humid summer days.  It was over and time to look for new possibilities on my horizon.

I noticed a new shop had opened in the main street – The Collective Store.  At first, I was unsure if they took items in from artists or simply sold their own stock.  The sign did say it was for Australian artists but they could have sourced the goods themselves.
I passed the shop a number of times on my morning walks, peered in the window, admired the beautiful things inside and eventually decided I would come back and ask.

I put together a display and bravely approached the shop.   This took a lot of courage on my part as I am basically a shy person and find it difficult to promote myself to anyone.

The owner, Leanne, explained that they did indeed take pieces  but they had to be handmade by Australian artists.  Perfect!!   That was me, an Australian artist and I had handmade pretties to show.

 I was absolutely thrilled to be accepted and have not looked back since.  So much easier to have someone else sell for me.  I maintain my stock in the allocated area and at the end of each month my sales are credited to my account. Sales go up and down but  they are fairly consistant. 

The Collective Store is true to its word and only sells work by Australian artists, no chance of mass made overseas goods being sold there.  It is a delight to wander through and marvel at the creativity and beauty of each item. 

I suppose the thing I really want to get across is – take a chance.  Perhaps the market scene is the place for you but don’t be afraid to test the waters.  Look for shops that might be a good prospect to show off your art or perhaps, if your work is high end, try the galleries.  Never ever under estimate yourself.  GO FOR IT!!!!           

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