Sunday, 18 March 2012

Camp Creative....

Each year in January a group of us head south of the border to Bellingen in rural New South Wales.  Here   Camp Creative is held at the Bellingen High School.  It covers such things as photography, art, drama, music, woodworking, ceramics, dance, beading and the list goes on and on.  I have been going since 2005.  Each year I learn new techniques and come away feeling so inspired.   We go for seven or eight nights and rent a house together to save costs.  The day is spent in class and followed up by gathering on the deck at home sipping wine, nibbling on cheeses and other yummies and relating our days activities.   Each person has a designated night to cook and let me tell you, the food is delicious.   Of a night, after dinner,  there are projects to complete.  Prior to coming to camp we have already picked and put together projects to challenge us. These are done each evening, some with instant gratification and others that take a lot of time and effort.  Everything is rated by the "Whinge Factor" as to how difficult or fiddly it is to do.  

In the past I have made a wide variety of things at camp.  I've dabbled in beadweaving, polymer clay, wirework and this year leathercraft which was a whole new world.
Some items I have made are : 

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